Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Becoming a Catholic Christian

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the process whereby individuals become Catholic Christians. A “rite” is simply a public ritual. The RCIA is basically a process comprised of a series of “rites” that define the journey to faith and life in Christ for those who have not been baptized.

Here at S.S. Peter and Paul the RCIA is a dynamic process that seeks to welcome those seeking Christ into our community of faith. We recognize that God has created each individual with unique gifts and talents and we also know that not everyone is starting from the same place. As a result, we make every attempt to meet your needs and address questions, interests, issues or concerns you may have as you go through the process.

Conversion is not the same for everyone. God comes to us in different ways and calls us at different times. We are here to journey with you as you respond to God’s call wherever that may lead you.

We firmly believe that through the RCIA process you will be able to discern where God is calling you. Conversion and discernment are events that we actively participate in that reveal God’s will, the RCIA process is such an event.

The Gospel and the fundamentals of Christian teaching includes the following:

  • Trinity and Creation: God is Trinity and creates out of His Divine Love
  • Divine Revelation: God speaks to us so we may know His will
  • Man and Woman: we are made in the image of God (Lat. Imago Dei)
  • Sin: We have separated ourselves from God through our own free will
  • From Adam to Jesus: God has been working to save us through the covenants
  • Jesus Christ: in the final and definitive covenant, God became man!
  • Paschal Mystery: Jesus saves us through His suffering, death, resurrection and ascension into heaven
  • Pentecost: Jesus sends the Holy Spirit; the Church is born
  • Life in Christ: Jesus frees us from our sin and brings us true joy in holiness
  • The 4 Last Things: we will die and be judged; Heaven and Hell are the only two final destinations for every human person

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